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Specific Warranty Details

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LINERS: All USA liner manufacturers liner warranties cover a seam separation- where the seam is coming apart. To read more on Liner Warranties click here!

PANELS: The panels are lifetime steel & lifetime polymer. 

MAYTRONICSMaytronics requests to handle all warranty claims directly. You can contact Maytronics product services for assistance with a warranty or repair questions at 1-888-DOLPHIN or through their site here.  You can also register your item at if you have not already done so. 

SALTRON: Warranty duration is 1 year for the main parts- chlorine cell and power supply (transformer). This manufacturer handles all of the warranties directly. Please fill out their online form here. 

SR SMITH: SR Smith requests to handle all warranty claims directly. You can register your product here or file a warranty claim here.

HAYWARD: Hayward products must go to a Hayward Service Center for warranty claim. Please note the warranty does not include labor of any type. You can use this link to locate a Hayward Service Center in your area or call 888-HAYWARD (1-888- 429-9273). Benefits of using your local Hayward Service Center:

1. You can take the item into the location yourself (saving on shipping and handling fees)

2. A local rep may be able to come to you to access the warranty claim.

Shipping fees are only included under Hayward’s warranty within the first 30 days of your receiving the item. However, Royal Swimming Pools will cover the cost of additional shipping up to 90 days from the purchase. After 90 days from the purchase, we charge a flat rate of $9.95 shipping on all warranty parts per item, no matter the size. Shipping costs for returned items are the consumers responsibility.

As a Hayward Service Center, Royal Swimming Pools can assist you with troubleshooting & processing the warranty claim if you do not have a Local Hayward Service Center in your area.

Proper troubleshooting is required prior to submitting any warranty claim. The entire serial number must be legible on the item(s) in question. Salt cells must be clean and free of any build up. If not cleaned properly, they cannot be diagnosed properly, and therefore it cannot be determined if the part is defective. If the item cannot be reasonably diagnosed with a technician, we will not be able to process your warranty, and you will be responsible for the cost of shipping your part back to you for proper troubleshooting.

Royal Swimming Pools offers a deposit option for having a replacement part sent out to you immediately, prior to troubleshooting your claim. This deposit would be credited back to you if the manufacturer deems that your returned item is covered under the warranty and therefore your warranty claim is approved. Please let us know if you would like more information on this option.